2013 Here We Come

I am so excited about this coming year! 

2012 has not been a great year for our family. Lots of hospital stays, stress, tests, etc. I feel like we have been put through the wringer. However, there were some very positive things about this year! 

In 2012- Kasey had the MACE, mitrofanoff, bladder augmentation and a bladder sling placed. While there were complications and 3 hospital stays AFTER this procedure due to complications- the actual surgery made things so much better for her<3 She is now basically “potty trained” in that we hardly ever use diapers anymore. 

She also switched to a new therapy center in 2012 and it has definitely helped her. She also finally grew this year! She finally hit the 3 foot tall marker! While this is still tiny for her age- it is awesome because for a LONG time… she wasn’t really growing! She is finally able to wear jeans from the girls section instead of mama shopping for half her stuff in the toddler section and half in the girls section! 

We also moved twice in 2012. We rent and the first place we moved into this year just was NOT what it initially seemed like. So- we moved into our current place and it is amazing! 

We have definitely been blessed. In 2012 I have also started a support group for families who have someone with Spina Bifida in their lives. Kasey has gotten to meet new friends through this group and in 2013 I plan on getting the group up and off the ground! 

2013 excites me even more than 2012 did. 

This year I have several goals- I refuse to call them “New Years Resolutions” though because I don’t think that new resolutions should just be started at New Years. Plus- most people fail in their New Years Resolutions. I plan on succeeding! 

1) I plan on making sure I have at LEAST a weekly post on the blog. I also want to reach more people. I’m going to be expanding my topics as well! 

2) By the end of 2013- I plan on having my home completely chemical free- so natural cleaners, natural makeups, natural shampoos, etc. I have already started towards this (which I’ll make another post about or this post will end up super long!). 

3) As most people- a new year brings me a new determination to lose weight. By the end of 2013- I want to be back down to my pre-Kasey weight.. or at least super close. That means a weight loss of almost 50 pounds. In order to reach this goal- I will be upping my activity level, changing the way I eat, and just living a healthier lifestyle. 

4) In 2013- I am going to strive to be more social and get involved with the local MOMS group again. I need to push myself to get out of my shell AND get Kasey more involved with other kids. Plus- Kora could probably use some more friends as well! 

5) I want my relationship with my Creator to grow, evolve and mature in this year. 

6) I am focusing this year on my relationship with my husband. His Christmas gift this year from me involved a themed date for every month of this year. We will be doing a lot of them at home once the girls are in bed but we will also be striving to get out of the house a lone a bit more. 

7) We are working on evolving our parenting style as well. As the kids are growing and as we learn more- we are striving to do better. Its amazing how much I am learning about what kind of parent I want to be- and how much I have done that I wish I hadn’t. But- when you know better you do better! 

8) In essence- this year I want to grow up more. I want to be a woman and mother that my children and husband can be proud of. 

Basically- this year is going to be one of improvement- spiritually, emotionally, mentally and all that jazz! I hope everyone has a Happy New Years- and that all of you have your own things you plan on accomplishing in the coming year!