Baby #4

6 days ago - I decided to randomly take a pregnancy test.

My cycles are long and not always the most predictable. However, I didn't think I was "late" or anything yet- but anyone who has ever at any pointed tracked their cycles knows the urge to pee on a stick at times lol.

Lo and Behold, before the test was even finished- there was a bright pink positive line.

I didn't believe it, I called my husband to the bathroom and made him watch as I dipped another test (another thing- most women I know have a supply of tests under their sink just for these moments).

Again, instant positive.

We are ecstatic. In May of 2016 (I'm not giving out a precise date because due dates are guesstimates- not expiration dates) we will become a family of 6!!!!!! SIX.

It's hard to believe. Back when we were trying to conceive our second child- being pregnant with a fourth never crossed my mind- but here we are and we are ever so excited.

I'll definitely be posting a lot more personal blogs as we go through this pregnancy. I love all things pregnancy (although the puking I always do the first trimester is not my favorite).

I will be attempting to keep my sugar intake somewhat low this pregnancy. I will also be hopefully attempting my 2VBA2C (second vaginal birth after two sections) and talking about the differences between hospital based care and birth center based care (although if all goes as planned- we will be having this little one at home).

We also will be "team green" this time- which means we'll be frustrating people by not finding out the gender until birth! We are also trying something new this time- we are making a list of our favorite names for each gender and waiting until we meet our newest son or daughter to figure out what name goes with them<3

As with anything-plans can go awry- but I am so excited for this pregnancy and another blessing <3 The children are ecstatic (well, the girls are... Renly is oblivious!).

Of course, I've already got our car seat stuff figured out- pretty much from the minute that stick went positive!