Big Steps

Lately I’ve been blogging a lot about things that interest me more so than I’ve been blogging about our family and how things are going. 

Kasey has been doing a lot better since her surgery. The pressure in her head is back to normal. She no longer is having issues with gagging and vomiting while eating. She does still have some texture issues but they are typical 4.5 year old texture things .  She graduated from feeding therapy last week- which means less hours at the therapy center on Tuesdays! 
She is still having some bowel and bladder issues- along with some anxiety and sensory seeking behavior. However, her anxiety is to a point where I can work with her on it rather than spending so much time taking her to her counselor. 
Today- we truly started seeing progress in Kaseys walking skills. She’s balancing a lot better when standing. Today she stood on her own, with nobody holding onto her while playing with a puzzle on a little bench in front of her. She’s taking steps without help moving her legs forward- just having someone hold onto the top part of her braces while she does the walking. The tricky part about her walking right now is that she uses a walker that is behind her. Several years ago- most would use walkers that had the main part in front of the child- but it causes the user to slump forward which isn’t great posture or great for their goal of walking upright. So- when she has to lean back to kick forward- she bumps into the walker. Hopefully this will be fixed when she gets better balance wise and can try using forearm crutches. 
I cannot even begin to accurately describe how amazing it is to watch her take steps. Even watching her standing up straight is amazing because its not something I see very often. She looks so much bigger when she’s standing even though she’s still shorter than most kids her age. 
Just as awesome as watching her do new things physically- is watching her relationship with Kora grow. I think it is my favorite part of motherhood so far. I love watching how they interact and it warms my heart to think about how they may bond with the new baby- whether it be a boy or girl. I am so glad that we decided to grow our family because I don’t think we would be who we are without Kora- and I’m sure when this baby is born I’ll feel the same way<3. Kora has been so good for Kasey- and she has even taught me some new things about being a mother. She challenges me in ways that Kasey didn’t as a toddler. To be honest, despite all of Kaseys medical stuff- she was a truly easy baby and toddler. Kora.. is not. However, she brings so much joy into our lives- even when she’s busy throwing a fit (the red hair DOES come with a temper). 
For awhile, I was so busy with the two girls and all Kaseys various appointments that I wasn’t thinking much about how life will be when we have three little ones. However, now when I see the girls playing together- I think about how much fun it will be when there is another little one playing with them. I’m excited to soon find out whether little one will be a boy or girl- mainly because I want to make some gender specific diapers- plus I want to know if we are using our boy or girl name! 
Speaking of pregnancy- I’m a couple weeks into the second trimester which means I”m a lot less pukey but I’m still super tired. However, I think I’d be super tired even if I wasn’t pregnant because the girls have been sick off and on the last month or so. Actually- right now they both have nasty colds and both of them slept in our bed last night because it was easier than getting up and down wiping noses all night. 
My husband now works from home 2 days a week which is awesome because it means I get to see him a bit more AND I get to use the car 2 days a week without driving him to work and having to get the girls up early and stuff. Overall, things are going really well here and I’m trying to spend more time in the evenings doing things I love- writing, reading and crafting.