As I sit on my back patio area (its a concrete slab but we’ll call it a pretty patio area anyway), I am surrounded by blessings. However, they probably don’t seem that exciting to anyone else. 

To my left, I have a clothesline that currently has diapers, cloth wipes and a towel hanging on it. To my right, my two girls are playing in the warm sunshine. Kasey is playing in the dirt- digging with a stick. Kora is picking up pine needles and putting them in a bucket. She has a strange obsession with the pine needles around here! 

Here I am in between these two things, sitting in my chair with my feet up- enjoying the beautiful sunshine after several days of rain (which meant I didn’t get to use my new clothesline.) 

I feel so blessed. First of all, I get the option of using a clothesline or a dryer. The dryer would be more convenient but the weather is beautiful and there is nothing as awesome as clothes that have just finished drying in the sun. 

Then there is the fact that my girls have a back yard to play in and toys to play with when there are so many others in the world who don’t get to spend their childhood playing and etc. 

I’m blessed to live in a beautiful home- while we don’t own it (we rent)- it works well for our family and I love it despite its little quirks. 

I’m blessed to have a beautiful family that will have a new member come this fall. That is one of the biggest things that I am thankful for every day.    New life is always something to be celebrated. 

Hopefully I will get more blogging done here in the next few weeks since every morning the girls and I come outside and I sit here with my coffee and a book (or the laptop, or my devotions). Its my little bit of time I get to just chill out while they play. For some reason they don’t ever let me have this kind of relaxation inside!