Bullet Journaling

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to organization- I'm not organized in the least. I'm working to slowly remedy that but it's a process. One thing I've been doing since the beginning of the year (although I did take a slight break while waiting for my new notebook) is Bullet Journaling.

What is bullet journaling?
Essentially- its making "to-do" lists daily- but in a organized manner in a notebook. I like it because if I miss a day- or two- its not like I'm wasting my planner. I don't like ones with set days pre-printed and such. I start out my bullet journal with a "key" to show what symbols I'm using for what.  photo IMG_6102_zpskc8hxcso.jpg
Mine aren't too complicated I don't think. I try to keep it simple so I don't bog myself down. However, bullet journaling is great because it's adaptable for many different people.

After my Key in the front- I usually create an index. I number my pages as I go and I list what pages go to what months- since I'm just starting to fill out this journal- I don't have a full example set up but this is part of what I have thus far.
 photo IMG_6117_zpswzaotvws.jpg

So on the left I list the month and the right the page numbers. On the other side of this paper- I made an index list for anything not labeled as a month. I usually have a weight loss tracker, baby names (for future little ones- I like to have a list just in case lol) , future projects/blog ideas, etc.

Then I move on to my monthly calendars- I list the month at the top and the numbers down the side and write in any appointments already on my phone calendar . This helps me see quickly what I have going on. While I like my phone calendar- sometimes I like writing things out and seeing it on paper as well. Since I think this new journal (Code&Quill notebook- see my review of it in previous post) should last me 6 months, I'm creating calendar pages from June-December. June is almost over but I just wanted to get down the events of the month on paper.
 photo IMG_6141_zpspgsutthi.jpg
Prior to this new notebook I was using a cheap .97 graph composition notebook from Walmart. While it was nice and led me into loving bullet journaling- I got annoyed with the flimsy quality a month back and quick journaling until this one came in.

After my calendar pages I end up starting my daily pages. I track my water consumption, Kaseys daily pills (with check boxes for AM and PM pills) , tasks I hope to complete and any other misc. items (ie events on the calendar, things I need to do for the blog, etc.)
 photo IMG_6142_zpssrdycsss.jpg
That's todays partially started list (it's grown since taking this picture). I color in each square as I complete it- if I don't get it completed I put an arrow through it and migrate it to a different date. Keeps me from partially starting something and not finishing it.

Sometimes I add washi tape, sometimes I add stickers. Sometimes I only use black ink- sometimes I start my list in one color, lose my pen and switch colors. I love mixing it up.

Hopefully- this gives you all a taste of what bullet journaling is. I like it because its the closest I come to making lists and being organized. My mother never really taught me how to run a household before she died when I was 17. So- I went from high school to being a young mom to having a husband and then three kids in total. This is how I'm starting to try to manage the chaos!

Let me know if you bullet journal, what you love about it, if there is more info you'd like to see about journaling and etc.