Busy week Ahead

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends after Turkey Day!

My Thanksgiving wasn’t the greatest but I am thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for my beautiful daughters, my loving husband and my wonderful father. Kasey has taught me so many things. She has honestly changed me for the better- even before she was even born. Heck, she changed me for the better before I even knew she was going to have problems. Despite the fact that I got pregnant at 18, I never thought about any option other than having her and keeping her. I will admit there were times when she was little that I wondered if she would have been better off with someone else as her mother. I had no idea what I was doing then and half the time now I don’t know what I am doing. However, she teaches me more and more every day. She’s so courageous and witty. She’s doing amazing as a big sister. She teaches me constantly that science can only tell us so much. They told me she would be a “vegetable” and that she wouldn’t get around well. She army crawls and uses her chair like a pro.

Kora is doing amazingly. She’s teaching me even more about myself. Honestly, even though she is a really good baby, I think Kasey was the easier baby! I don’t know what to do when she throws a fit and kicks at me. Diaper changes are completely different with a child without spina bifida as well!

My husband is amazing<3 He puts up with all of my drama and emotional issues. He gets that I have baggage and thats okay with him. He’s got a pretty amazing family too!

My dad is the only family I have left. My brothers aren’t in my life anymore and my mom passed away my senior year of high school. He is always there for me! He accepts me for who I am and does not judge any of my parenting choices. Heck, he even is okay with washing cloth diapers!!!!

In other news, this Monday is Kasey’s check-up with her neurosurgeon to check on her back. Hopefully everything goes well. I believe everything is healing well but we have to talk to him about some other stuff. Her eye has been doing weird things and she’s started plugging her ears at certain noises and times. It might be a normal 3 year old phase but she’s my first 3 year old so I have NO idea! We have to talk to urology and get medical records from them as well for our new urologist. Hopefully we can get that finished. Next week, we may also be going to NC for a potential job opportunity. We are hoping that Eric gets a local job but this job would be good too!

The little one is awake now and wondering why I’m no longer cuddled up to her so I’ll have to try to post again in a day or two!