Things have been so crazy lately that I have just NOT had the time to post.. A lot of the craziness is due to a certain little gal that loves to snuggle her mama!

Yesterday brought some changes into our lives. We made it 3 years, 3 months and 14 days before Kasey had to start being cathed. She is just getting too many UTI’s (about one every month/month and a half) so we’ve decided we will do clean intermittent cathing 4 times a day. So far its going great! Not as hard as I expected. Cathing means she’s on Ditropan 2 times a day and a antibiotic once a day. The Ditropan started giving her side effects right away unfortunately. She has the dry lips and the flushed cheeks already. Poor kid was pulling on the skin of her upper lip going ” take it off!”

Kora is doing well. She had her 2 month check up today and doesn’t seem to have a heart murmur anymore but still has to have her cardiology follow up sometime in the next month. She also has to see an ENT for both a lip and a tongue tie.

Please keeps us in all of your prayers/thoughts because right now the hubby has 3 different jobs that are possibilities. Two of the jobs would require relocating. We are just praying that whatever is God’s Will occurs.