Challenges for Myself

I am doing pretty good with the challenges I gave myself at the beginning of the year. I’ve only bought one loaf of bread from the store- and that was for our vacation because I did not have enough time for baking while packing everything we’d need for the 12 hour drive and ensuing time on vacation. 

So- I’m adding a new one. I am attempting to go without using the microwave for awhile. We will see how it goes and hopefully it becomes a permanent change. Hubby is not taking part in this- so when he makes stuff - he will be using the microwave but so far I’ve been making my coffee and etc. without using the microwave and it hasn’t been a huge inconvenience. 

I’ll try to blog throughout the first few weeks and talk about any snags in the road I come across and etc. Of course, the big challenge will be to see if I can stick to it after baby boy is here!