We are moving- and not just to the other side of town.

We are moving 12 hours away from where we live now.

While this is amazing because it means we're going to be near my husbands whole family, the beach, and Disney World- its scary.

Moving means new doctors, new therapists, learning how to drive in a new town.. and being 12 hours away from my father.

He thinks this move is the right move for us and says that I have to think about my own kids and not just worry about him- but I have a tendency to worry about him. Thankfully, he does have a friend he talks to twice a day so they can check on each other- but still..its something I do struggle with.

However, he is right. This is what we need to do right now- but it doesn't make it 100% easier.

So in a month and a half or so- we are embarking on a new adventure- after all, isn't life supposed to be one big adventure?