2016 Homeschooling Plans

The first half of our 2015/2016 school year has been rocking at best.

Adding in Behavioral therapy, meds, and trying to figure out how to best teach Kasey has made for not as much progress as I would like. However, we're hitting the ground running in 2016.

I thought I would update on some of the things we're trying this spring/summer.

TouchMath 1st Grade- we will be starting this sometime mid January once all our stuff gets here. While it is common core related- at this point... we're just trying to find something made for kids with special learning needs and going from there. This program has rave reviews. We went ahead and ordered all 4 units for the 1st grade level, 3 of the flashcard sets and the 3d numerals. Hands on learning will hopefully help Kasey get the math concepts she's been struggling with. The school we wanted to send her to this past fall uses this program and our neuropsych also recommended it highly.

Little Passports- while we mainly focus on core subjects at this point (reading, writing and math)- I thought Kasey would like adding in some geography so this year we will be doing the world set so each month she'll get a kit about a different country on Earth.

Reading Eggs/Mathseeds- Kasey seems to do best when working on stuff on the computer. She's used mathseeds in the past and really liked it (although she doesn't quite care much for the reading eggs portion). I thought we'd give it another try in correlation with other stuff as well.

HeadSprout/Learning A-Z : This program is pricey (189.00 a year) but we made more progress in our 2 week free trial than with anything else we've tried. It is one of those things that is supposed to help with enough progress that you don't need it for more than a year or two- and then they have other options (more affordable) for continuing on afterwards. I like that since its on the computer- its also helping Kasey with her computer skills.

We are also doing a mix of other things to supplement- board games, work sheets, manipulatives (I love the ideas on pinterest for a lot of things). I make our own handwriting sheets for the most part- although handwriting it a struggle for her no matter how much we practice. Its one thing we are working on addressing in Occupational therapy- her fine motor skills are lacking (which is to be expected.)

I'll update in a month or so as to how we are liking each of these new things (with pictures) for those interested!