Curriculum for 2014-2015

I mentioned in my previous post the classes we will be doing through a co-op but I thought I would mention what particular curriculum I will be using at home.

This year Kasey will be in Kindergarten and I plan on focusing on the main subjects: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

For Math we will be using Math U See Alpha. I love how they teach addition and place value- plus the manipulatives seem like they will interest Kasey. They also have come out with an app for Android and Apple which I'm interested to see.

For Reading we will be using Wordy Worm Reading. I found this program when I attended the FPEA Convention. It was an answer to prayer- the great part is there are no consumables- so I can use it with all the kids without buying anything new!

For Writing we will be using Rhythm of Handwriting- which is part of the Logic of English program. We will be doing cursive to start with. I think it is something super important to learn and its supposedly easier to teach younger so that will be our focus. She does know some printing but I want to really focus on cursive this year.

We will be using some extra stuff that I had to purchase for her co-op classes. For example, for Botany- they are using the Apologia Botany book- and she will have stuff to do at home for it (the reading and such) .

For Bible we will be doing the What's in the Bible videos. They are super simple and fun to watch and they teach about the parts of the Bible. The girls watch some of it already and love the puppets and catchy songs. There is a coloring book I will also get and they have activities on the website to print.

We are really trying to keep things simple this year. Kora shows interest in doing some learning as well so I'll probably be doing some "tot school" things casually as she shows interest. She's been making me get out workbooks so she can work on her colors but I'm very hesitant to overdo it with her.