Day 4 of 30

4. My views on religion.

This is a topic that can be a bit sticky . My views on “religion” have changed a bit over the years. I was always raised in a Christian home. My parents beliefs changed over the years on certain topics and as a child- mine changed with theirs. AS a result, as an adult, I have been a bit confused and have had to start my own search. I grew up in small conservative churches and always found myself bored because of the stricture of it all and to be honest, when I turned 18, I faced a lot of judgement from church members. I stopped going to church. I met my husband and we started going to the church he had been going to. I again had a hard time even paying attention to sermons because my attention wasn’t captured. We decided to look for a church that fit us better as young adults. We both honestly expected to have to search around for a bit but surprisingly- the first church we tried was a perfect fit. I hate missing services, I look forward to praise and worship and I take notes during the sermon. The difference- the church isn’t a specific denomination. It’s not really what I call “organized religion.” People don’t judge- they are accepting of differences in looks, background and such. Sure, they aren’t going to endorse teen pregnancy but they don’t judge. I feel comfortable going to church in dress pants or a nice pair of jeans. I love going.

I guess my point is- everyone has their own view on religions. Maybe all your beliefs fit into a cookie cutter image of a specific denominations beliefs. Maybe they don’t. I think what matters is that a person loves God. I don’t think it matters if you are Methodist, Baptist or Catholic. I think what matters is that you love God and you follow His teachings. He loves us as we are- He might not like everything we do but He loves us.