Today feels like a decluttering type day. Sometimes it can be rather difficult though. For instance, today I decided to finally go through my cd case that has cd’s that are older than my daughter! Of course, that doesn’t seem that old but I haven’t listened to them for the most part since before she was born which was 3.5 years ago. I thought going through all those cd’s would be easy but alas.. it is not.

As I throw away the cd’s I have not listened to in years, I keep struggling with this choice.Maybe I should save all those N’sync cd’s and Usher cd’s for when Kasey grows up. However, I make the right decision and throw them away. After all, if its not being used and I don’t love it, there is no point in holding on to it. What makes the choices easier is that I have been endeavoring to only listen to uplifting music- I’m pretty sure Fall Out Boy and some of the other secular cd’s I used to listen to do not fall into that category. So into the trash they go!

The other day I actually threw away a doll that I’ve had for years. I got it as a child and loved it. However, the stuffing was coming out and for about a year I’ve been planning on fixing it and it was just never happening- so I threw it away. Surprisingly, I have had no regrets. It wasn’t enpowering me or bringing me joy so its better off not taking up space in my house!

Now- off to declutter some more!