I can't believe its been a couple months since I posted. Well, I can believe it- but it sucks.

The past few months have been a daze of phone calls, cleaning and just parenting stuff. Renly is teething and into everything and is my velcro baby. He definitely loves his mama more than anything/anybody else. Currently he's letting me have a 5 minute break so I'm taking advantage of it.

We've now been in Florida for a little over 6 months. Some things have been better than I expected, some worse. For instance, this morning I saw my first palmetto bug in my house. Egads that thing was the stuff of nightmares. Picture me, Kasey and Kora all freaking out while getting my husband to get up and kill it. It was not a very pretty sight!

We're in full swing getting ready for our first year homeschooling. I sent off our intent to homeschool notice to the school superintendent. I signed Kasey up for some co-op classes once a week as well. I think it will be a good way for her to learn some stuff I wouldn't think to teach her and to get some time with other homeschoolers. She will be taking five classes: Botany (Apologia), Art, Geography and Math Fun, Grammar and Phonics, and Five in a Row. I originally was just going to have her do 1 or 2 things but the stuff I wanted her to do was at opposite parts of the day/schedule so I figured we will try 5 classes this semester. If it's too much for her we can always stop after first semester.

One thing I have noticed is that being a homeschooling parent is completely different than a student. I know this seems pretty obvious but up until this point- I experienced the homeschooling world as the student. I was homeschooled for most of my formative years and have fond-ish memories of it. I think the kids will love it even more than I did because we will do stuff like co-op classes and extracurricular activities.

We are also in the midst of birthday planning. Kasey turns 6 in a couple weeks, then the following month Kora turns 3 and then Renly will turn 1 a month later. My birthday is also in the midst of this time (I will be 25).

Basically, things are getting a bit hectic around here!! I'm hoping to start blogging more but sometimes even my great intentions don't help my follow through!