Good Appointment & ToT'ing

Yesterday was a long day but rewarding! 

We first had some grocery shopping to do! I learned an important lesson- I am NOT going to be doing much grocery shopping with both girls along this winter- especially on windy days! Grocery shopping will definitely be an evening treat for mama every 2 weeks! 

We saw Kasey’s physiatrist yesterday- basically, she treats all of Kasey- not a specific part of her. She’s the person we go to for new orders for braces, equipment and etc. We had a list of things we wanted yesterday and I have to say we came away very pleased!  We came away with an appointment for both sets of braces Kasey needs AND the doctor got the braces place to say they’d throw in the shoes we need at no cost! Plus, we have the orders faxed off for a new chair in the brand WE want even though the place she gets chairs through normally won’t get that brand and we are getting a potty system ordered! 

Of course, as usual, I get home and realize all these things I SHOULD have asked about but forgot- guess I’ll have to make a list for our next appointment in 4 months! 

Then it was time to get ready for trick or treating at the mall! There are 2 and we ended up going to the one further from the house since we knew people from the hubby’s job would be there! This worked out great since Kaseys best friend and her family also ended up going to teh same mall for trick or treat! Kasey is always happy when she gets to see her best friend! Both my girls had a lot of fun last night- Kora adored having her first TWO lollipops! She ate them until they were gone and then tried eating the sticks!

I never got to go trick or treating when I was a child- so I definitely enjoy seeing my girls enjoying dressing up and getting candy- although to be honest, we’ve never had a Halloween where all the candy got eaten- usually by Halloween next year we still have some left and it gets dumped out. I think most of the fun for me is the experience… plus mama does raid their candy buckets for Mounds and Almond Joys!

Now its time to start thinking about the next holidays! Thankfully we are going out of town for Thanksgiving so this will be my first Thanksgiving in about 7 years NOT doing all the cooking! However, I have christmas to start planning!