Good Deals

I saw someone make the comment on a forum I’m on and it struck me as something we all need to remember daily. 

I think everyone knows what I’m talking about (especially mothers who like to shop for cute clothes for their kiddos). You go in a store JUST to buy one item. There is only one item you need and until you walk in the door of the store (heck, or even go to a website to buy something specifically) you are so sure you are going to stick to the plan. However, you see a sign for a great sale. You get sucked in and before you know it you are walking out with a bunch of stuff you don’t even need BUT you rationalize it as “it was a great deal.” 

I am especially guilty of doing this. Before we went on vacation I went into TCP (The Childrens Place) to buy one pair of shorts to go over Kaseys swimsuit. Well, next thing I knew I was spending 50.00 for 150.00 worth of stuff because they had a great sale and I had stuff in the bags that normally I wouldn’t get. Heck, Kasey even got a little carrying case for her sunglasses… because it was just “such” a great deal. 

An hour later- I’m feeling guilty. I didn’t mean to go in and spend that money. I struggle with whether or not to return the stuff. I tell the hubby I’m going to and I never do because he points out that after I take it back and I don’t get full price for some of it (this particular trip someone just randomly gave me TCP Cash so if I wouldn’t have gotten much money back unless I took EVERYTHING back) I’m not really doing any good cause I’ll also be spending money on gas and wasting my time dealing with the mall and etc. 

I have went through all of this numerous times and I still fall into the trap. Its my weakness. Someone please tell me they do this too - we can stand strong together and avoid spending money that we don’t need to on things. I plan on writing down over the next month or two exactly what I spend money on and what is necessary or not so necessary. Of course, I know that the money I don’t spend on that “great deal” will just end up going to something else I”m obsessed with but a girls gotta try! Its all part of growing up and growing older I suppose.