Growing Up Too Fast

This week has been an exciting one. Kasey reached a milestone I was not expecting anytime soon.

As some of you may know- one of Kaseys surgeries awhile back was her mitrofanoff so that she could be cathed through her belly button.

Three days ago (April 21) , I sat Kaseys cathing stuff down and walked away for a few minutes. I came back- and found Kasey cathing herself through her belly button.

I thought at first that my husband had done it- but he was across the room doing something with our littlest. EVERY time since then- Kasey has cathed herself from beginning to end. We have even taught her how to use the syringe to make sure her bladder is completely empty.

I am so happy for her getting another step towards independence- however, part of me is a bit sad. Its another sign that she is growing up. It seems like yesterday- she was itty bitty and needed me for everything. Now she is going to be 6 in a little over 3 months and she has less and less things she needs me for. This is a sign that at some point she can be away from me a bit longer without us having to worry about someone knowing how to cath her.

I guess this is a new chapter for us. I am excited to see what she learns next- will it be a new skill that helps her care for herself more? Will it be a new household skill she can complete on her own?

Who knows what is next. I am super excited for oldest girl.