Happy New Year!

So- at least I’m only a day late posting a Happy New Year blogpost! I think that is pretty good considering everything going on right now in my life! Since I last posted (which was 3 weeks ago- shame on me!) a lot has happened. I had been having some strange pain that we really thought would end up being a hernia. I had made an appointment with my ob/gyn to get it checked out since it was right near my c-section incision but the pain got so bad I went to the ER one evening. ER doctor was sure it would be a hernia and had me drink contrast for a CT scan. Two and a half hours later- I found out that I had a congenital defect of some kind concerning my left kidney. He referred me to a urologist who would call me the next morning- well the urologist called and they didn’t take my insurance. I spent 30 minutes panicing and then started googling! I found a urologist who could get me in right that afternoon!

I was nervous and scared. I’m 22 and have always thought I was in pretty good health! I mean, sure I’m not in very good physical shape and I’m a little stressed but I thought that was about it. Basically, the urologist tells me that he cannot be sure what is going on yet but he believes whatever is going on will require surgery. He has me get scheduled for a renal scan! A couple days later I have my scan and I can see on the little screen they let me watch that my left kidney was not doing very much at all. My right one did what it was supposed to but the left one was huge and just seemed to stay full. A few days later I met with the urologist again- he told me that the left kidney was at 1/3 function while the right kidney was doing about 2/3 of the work. He told me that most likely I have a blockage of the ureter and it was causing the severe pain and the kidney blockage and that to be sure they would have to put me in the OR, inject dye up through my ureter all the way up to my kidneys. He said they also could put in a stent which would relieve my pain. I said okay and a few days after Christmas I was getting ready for the OR. Its been a couple days since that procedure is done and I’m starting to feel a bit normal. I will be needing an operation in March when we get our new insurance to fix the blockage of the ureter. They will have to make a couple of incisions in my belly, fill my belly with air and cut where the ureter is blocked and move it so it is no longer kinked or blocked by the enlarged artery that runs near that kidney. Then 6 weeks later I will have to have another procedure to remove the stent. Fun times!

Anyways- besides all of that, Eric has started a new job! Since we were married almost two years ago, he has always worked from home but a few weeks ago that changed! He now works for a company that is only a few miles from our house. He has timed it and it only takes three and a half minutes to get from their parking lot to our home. Amazing benefits and he loves the job! I think the biggest adjustment for him is being away from the girls. The biggest adjustment for me is being home with the girls by myself so much more. I mean sure, I was a single mom for the first 18 months of Kaseys life but that was different. I have learned to be rather co-dependent. Its been rather stressful and overwhelming for me in recent weeks learning how to juggle the crazy 3 1/2 year old mood swings and keeping a 3 1/2 month old happy. I’m slowly figuring it all out!

I have started doing a online pre-school program with Kasey daily and she loves it! It is called abcmouse- and can be found <a href=”http://www.abcmouse.com/”; target=”_blank”>here</a>. Kasey loves it! I am working on improving myself recently as well. I have started reading devotions daily and am getting into the <a href=”http://www.flylady.net/”; target=”_blank”>Flylady</a> way of doing things! I am also focusing on teaching Kasey ┬ámore about Jesus. We have started saying morning and bedtime prayers. She does not completely get it yet but I am sure in time she will! Not much to work on improvement wise with Kora- the silly girl may skip crawling though! She still has her stepping reflex and love to stand up! She already tries to pull herself to sitting if she’s laying on her back and wishes to sit up. She is very opinionated as well! I honestly love being a mother to two girls! If God ever blesses us with a boy child I have no idea what I will do!