Happy Turkey Day

Okay, so its not Thanksgiving today. That was yesterday- but I’m a day late. 

Thanksgiving was fun yet frustrating this year. Kasey has been having some health issues and so our Thanksgiving involved some vomit, fevers and tears. However, what fun are the holidays without a bit of mayhem? 

Today I took Kasey in to the pediatrician. I was not getting the answers I wanted or needed from our urologist so I knew I needed to see our amazing pediatrician. We left our pediatricians office with referrals for physical therapy and occupation therapy (again), and feeding therapy (which is through a speech therapist). We are also going to try to get with a local neurosurgeon, a local pediatric gynecologist, and we’re getting a MRI scheduled. 

The feeding therapy is hard for me to swallow. She needs it for sure but I always was glad that we were able to avoid needing a speech therapist for any reason. I could say “even with her needing physical and occupational therapists- we’ve never needed speech/feeding.” But now- she needs it. However, her needing it for sensory stuff is better than if she has possible Chiari issues acting up. I dread her possibly needing another surgery anytime soon .  We have had 2 this year plus 4 hospital stays. Last year we had one with one hospital stay.. before that we hadn’t had any surgeries or hospital stays besides the one at birth. 

So yeah- thats whats going on now. Better get off here and go put up the Christmas tree!