Help! I feel as if I have fallen off the wagon over here!

Well- I guess technically you can’t really fall OFF the Flylady wagon because you are never behind and you should just jump in where you are but I FEEL Like I’ve fallen off a wagon of some kind when it comes to everything lately.

I have been neglecting shining my sink lately, I am a tad behind on laundry and my poor bathroom has not been swished and swiped in days! It bothers me badly because I was doing so great and then I started getting bogged down with stress and I have not felt comfortable doing other stuff around the house while the nurses are here! Hopefully I get better at that and get more done but still… I have noticed since I have been neglecting things that I have not been feeling as great about myself. My makeup hasn’t been getting put on and I am just so stressed out. I know I also need to get some time to myself. I have realized lately that when it comes to things for myself- I really do not fight for stuff that I want. Now- if I want something for the girls you better look out! However, if its something that matters to me I will let it slide. Getting time to myself is a big example of that. Of course, there is also the fact that I don’t like driving in the dark (and usually by the time Eric comes home and we eat dinner its dark) and the fact that Kora cries and cries in the evenings!

I do know that taking care of myself is important- it just gets pushed to the side a lot. I think its a mom thing because I have many friends who also are guilty of doing it! Our kids and our husbands get put first and then we do not do anything for ourselves! I think this year another one of the ways I’m working on self-improvement is taking care of myself better emotionally. I challenge other mothers out there to do this as well! After all, those who we hold dear who are so important to us need us to be in good shape emotionally as well!