Homeschooling Update

We're halfway through our first year homeschooling and things have definitely not gone anything like I would have initially predicted.

First of all, moving at the end of November meant switching counties and that changes our dates for when we have to submit certain documents- this is kind of a bonus since it gives me more time to get her evaluation done and such. However, this means we'll be halfway through first grade before her kindergarten stuff needs reviewed.

Then there are the several changes in curriculum since the beginning of the year. I started out planning on using Math U See and Wordy Worm as our core program and then doing random things to supplement. Well- now we're using some Khan Academy (I avoid any of the newer things they've input since CC alignment) for the videos and math help. I'm also using some random math sheets with her. MUS is great but- we got to a certain point and she got stuck. So now I am not quite sure where we're going from here. I've looked at several kindergarten math books and she knows most everything in them- but then 1st grade ones seem a bit advanced.

We still love Wordy Worm but we have been using the primers for Explode the code to build her confidence- plus they work well as handwriting practice. Kasey has a tendency to only want to write uppercase. We tried the 100 Easy Lessons book but Kasey ended up in tears most days because it put too much pressure on her. She can sound out words but we're still working on the concept of knowing what those sounds strung together are word wise- she can sound them out but not "push them back together" in her mind.

Besides Math, Reading and Handwriting we haven't done many other subjects outside of what she did with co-op. We will probably find a co-op next year here in this city- but we decided to take a few months to get used to the area before adding more to our schedule.

In the next few months I'm going to have to start figuring out what we're using next year- but for now we're definitely using a mish mash of things!