I'm Back

So much for posting every day. I was on a roll there for awhile.. and then I had surgery. After surgery I was not in a computer mood. I didn’t want to try to look at any screen (even my phone screen) for long at all because it made my head hurt. Then we moved to a new house (a bit smaller but much more accessible for Ms. Kasey) and there are boxes everywhere. I will be unpacking for the next million years. On the positive side, I am feeling a bit better although my stent is definitely ready to come out in a few weeks! Its causing a lot of pain during the day but my kidney is not causing me near as much pain as it once did! I feel good enough that I ended Kaseys nursing care. It was causing me so much stress that since I’m feeling better- I decided we didn’t need it anymore. It is hard having someone else in your home several hours a day during the week- I was getting up earlier than the kids so I could clean when some mornings what I needed was to sleep and rest!

Kasey is doing well. She loves being a big sister and she loves our new house! We are getting things figured out pretty well with her cathing schedule and on April 12th we see her urologist to discuss getting the MACE procedure done! I’m excited because this means we are one step closer to my big girl getting to wear panties instead of diapers during the day!

Anyway- Its 1 in the morning so I should probably get to sleep. Here’s to hoping I get back to blogging every day!