Lavender Oil Uses & Review

I've tried several of GoPure's products now and am continously pleased with their products. Their lavender oil is no exception. It comes well wrapped in bubble wrap (although my entire shipment did still smell like lavender oil despite no leaks in the glass). It comes with a medicine dropper style lid to make application/use of the lavender oil easy.

I mainly have one use for lavender oils- as part of bathtimes in my house. For myself, I love to use it with epsom salts as a relaxing, detoxing bath in the evenings to sooth aches and pains. For the kids- a tiny drop in the bathtub helps relax them prior to bedtime or a bath. One day during a particular tantrum of Renly's when I could not calm him down- I placed a drop in the tub with some warm water and sat him in and he immediately calmed down.

I love that this company is responsible in their description of their product. They make sure to let people know that using a carrier oil is important (NEVER apply any essential oil directly to your skin without a carrier oil). They don't skimp on bottle size and the price is great! I definitely will continue ordering oils through them!

Disclaimer: I did receive this product at a reduced rate or free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review of their product. My feelings are my own and I try to be honest in my reviews- regardless of how I received the product.

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