Lessons from our 1st week of Homeschooling!

We now have our first week of homeschooling under our belt!

I will admit that I was pretty nervous about our first week of homeschooling. I was not completely sure what to expect- I had asked friends for tips and such but really, I had no clue what would happen.

The first day, there were tears. Kasey melted down over handwriting, then something else set her off and it was just a stressful first day although at the end of the day she said she was excited about homeschooling!

The second day was better- both days it took about 2 hours to complete everything- but part of that time was me figuring out how to juggle Renly and Kora and their needs while focusing on Kasey.

The third day was way better- I even had Kasey laughing with my commentary on how to write the number 3.

The rest of the week was about the same- Friday (today) was her favorite because we did review and we played a math game. It was amazing seeing how quickly she has caught on to the math program we are using.

So- things I have learned this week:

1) When doing lesson planning- definitely in the beginning start with one week at a time. Heck, I really should have been planning one day at a time. Thankfully the only thing I had penciled out past the first week was handwriting- and that has changed COMPLETELY.

2) If something isn't working- try something different. Originally I was going to be doing cursive with Kasey this year. I think its important to teach cursive for multiple reasons (which I'll talk about some other time) and I really wanted to teach her in Kindergarten because I learned in Kindergarten. However, three days in I realized the problem. Kasey knows so much printing already that cursive was just stressing her out. So- this year we will be focusing on printing during handwriting time and then once she's comfortable with that we can work on cursive.

3) Learning doesn't have to be done in just one way. It's amazing how much Kasey has learned from playing with her little Math U See blocks. She can already tell me that the greens are "ones" the blues are "tens" and the reds are "hundreds." She loves building with them when lessons are done. At first I was wary of letting her play with them because I didn't want any lost but it has been helping her really get how to work with them.

Overall, I feel like this week has gone well and the fact that she's upset that tomorrow isn't a school day is a good sign:)