More about Sunscreen

So- after realizing how bad the stuff here in the house is- I became determined to find a better alternative. 

I spent at least 2 hours last night scouring the lists of “better” sunscreens- trying to pick one that had the least amount of anything in it- I wanted something that mainly was Zinc Oxide and would have the least amount of stuff that would seep into the skin and be absorbed. 

I wanted Badger Balm sunscreen- but I needed something Amazon Prime for numerous reasons. I ended up ordering Blue Lizard sunscreen- because it had a rating of 2 (so mild/low health hazards) and because I could get 10 ounces of it for 22.00 where as some other stuff was 13.00 for 2 ounces. 

I am not happy that it does still have some minor things in it- however, we’ve made a huge step in the right direction. I did tinker with the idea of making my own sunscreen- but worry that I would do something incorrectly and end up wasting a lot of time and money. 

So- the plan is- we’re going to use our sun smarts. We’re going to get some healthy Vitamin D during the parts of the day that the sun isn’t as harsh or hot. This works well since we already are going out in the morning and in the evening so that the girls can get some outdoor playtime in before it’s too hot. 

We’re also going to make sure the girls are wearing appropriate clothing. We believe in modesty- so their swimsuits were already going to be rashguards with shorts. We already have Kaseys- and will be purchasing Kora’s sometime in the next month or so. Kora will be getting a one piece rashguard suit so there is less chance of belly sticking out and getting burnt.  The girls will also be wearing sunhats- as often as I can get them to keep them on. 

Another thing that can help avoid sunburn is eating foods rich in anti-oxidants. Fruits, Veggies and even some dark chocolate! 

The important thing is to just do what you can. Play it smart and enjoy the summer- and above all else, do your research on these things. When you know better, you do better!