New Adventures

So much has happened the past few months.

We had our 4th baby<3 His name is Rowan- he's pretty adorable. (more on him in a separate post)

We bought a house and moved... way ahead of when we thought we'd be looking to buy anything.

We now have almost 3 acres to call our own.

So I've been spending a lot of time researching the stuff I want to get started with first- a garden, compost pile and CHICKENS!!!!

Now, growing up I had my own chickens that I basically raised and was mostly responsible for. I think it was an important part of teaching me responsibility and where food comes from. I want my children to have that same experience. I want them to know how to be more sustainable as they grow older.

So I've been watching a lot of Justin Rhodes youtube videos. I even made the leap and bought his "Permaculture Chickens" Course. He is all about teaching others to have more sustainable chicken flocks. He will also be releasing a 10 hour course soon about more permaculture stuff. Even the kids have gotten into watching the "chicken videos" with me!

I've also been listening to Permaculture Voices podcasts when in the car. Essentially- all my free time is spent learning more about chickens and gardening.

I started my compost immediately upon moving into the new house. I haven't yet been able to purchase materials to build a fancy bin- so for now- I'm using a rubbermaid bin (the ones that come in different colors from Walmart during different holidays). I just made a bunch of holes in it with a drill and found a spot in the middle of my backyard to put it. I posted pictures on my Facebook page for those who want to go look!

My goal is to have compost going so even if I don't have enough to get my garden just right immediately- by next fall I should be closer to a good compost pile.

So expect a lot more posts from me about "farm life" in the future! Especially as we pick out what kind of chicks we want and create our coop and chicken tractor!