No Stress

I have a hard time not stressing. It’s true- anyone who knows me can testify to that! 

However, I am surprisingly not too stressed out about what we recently discovered. We found out this past week that come October 2013- we will have a new little addition to our family<3 We wanted to grow our family this year but weren’t quite expecting it to be such a surprise when it happened! 

I am feeling a lot less nervous about it than when I got pregnant with Kora. When I was pregnant with Kora- I spent a lot of time worrying I wouldn’t be able to juggle all of Kaseys needs and the needs of a new little one. After all, babies are a lot of work. A lot of fun too most definitely- but they do come with a lack of sleep, and a bit more stress. 

However, I feel calm this time around. After all- I have adapted and learned how to juggle pushing a wheelchair and a stroller or the wheelchair and a shopping cart. Plus- Kasey is getting older and will become more and more able to help. I think she is almost even more excited than I am this time around! She asks to watch videos of ultrasounds almost every evening before bed and talks about how she wants to talk to the tiny baby in tummy and etc. She is just tickled. 

There are many times since her sister was born that I’ve thought that God truly intended for her to be a big sister. There is no coincidence that Kasey was my firstborn - she has the heart of a loving big sister for sure! 

All in All- I feel very peaceful about this new part of our journey<3 Very excited as well as always. Babies are such a blessing from God!