Oh- this is my dress!

Tonight, we went to 1st Wednesday service. I took Kasey to her classroom to spend time with the other three year olds. I was about to leave the room when this bigger kid (he was probably closer to four than most of the other kids) walked up to Kasey. He looked down at her-obviously staring at her wheelchair- and said “What’s that?”

I stood there just watching, waiting to see what she said. Of course, she never disappoints with her answers to such questions. She just looked up at him and smiled and said “Oh- its my dress!” She, being so young and not realizing that her wheelchair makes her “different” in any way, assumed he was asking about her beautiful dress.

Amazingly, something so simple made my night and I smiled all the way to my seat in the sanctuary. To her, the wheelchair is her normal. To her, its part of her and nothing unusual. It actually surprises me somewhat that so many kids her age ask about her wheelchair. Sometimes they ask me instead of her and I’m never quite sure the best way to explain it. I just always tell them that Kaseys legs just don’t work quite right like theirs. I guess I’ll have to keep listening to what Kasey says and see how she explains it as she gets bigger!