Organization, Weight Loss & Birthdays

I say that alot although lately. I feel as if things are all over the place (actually, if you look at my house right now- EVERYTHING is all over the place!) 

So what exactly have I been up to you may ask! (or you may not.. but let us pretend you did.) 

I am starting to work on organizing my home more. I found this awesome website and have become addicted to reading her stuff! I’m going to try to do her 52 weeks of organizing this year! Sure, I’m starting over halfway through the year but it should be fun! I’m also starting to work with DD Kasey more on homeschooling stuff. Yesterday, she wrote the letter A using a worksheet that had the tracing marks for it! I was so tickled. I may have also cried cause my girl is growing up so much! She actually just had her 4th birthday! Next month, Kora will be 1. Boy, time has flown by for sure. 

I have been losing weight as well now that I hit the gym most every night of the week. I try to do 5-7 nights a week although sometimes I do slack and its more like 3 or 4. However, just that change has made a huge difference. Next, I have to start skipping junk food and fast food. I need to eventually cut out the caffeine- at least the soda kind. I may keep my coffee addiction! 

Anywho- I need to actually post this because I’ve been sitting here getting distracted by other things for almost two hours and I’ve barely written anything. This is why I don’t post more!