Our Weekend

Our Weekend has been full of sickies! We got home from the hospital and that night Kora started throwing up. I stayed up for the whole night to make sure she didn’t gag/choke on puke since she’s a happy puker. I’ve never seen anything like it before- she would barely wake up, puke/dry heave and then go right back to sleep! 12 hours of that and then a fever for most of the day and she was fine! 

Kasey is still fighting her virus off. 

My hubby is now getting sick as well with whatever Kora had. 

I’m just praying that I avoid the sickness! It’s one thing to take care of all the other sickies when I’m healthy.. but if I get sick too it will not be pretty!

Tonight I am working on figuring out homeschooling stuff and then when the new organization stuff I ordered comes in I will be figuring out my “plan” for Kaseys first school year. I mean- we work on stuff now but it is really relaxed since she’s only 4. I plan on taking her first year of homeschooling pretty relaxed too though because I don’t want to overwhelm her and have her end up hating learning. 

I’m working on figuring out my posts for the month and my goals with the blog so that I can actually post some interesting stuff rather than “this is what I did this weekend.”