Out of the mouth of a toddler!

12Lately Kasey has been saying the funniest, most thought provoking things. For instance, the other day she was sitting on the bed and the hubby was getting her ready for bed. I started to tell the hubby where to find her pajamas, and he jokingly hushed me. Couple minutes later he asks me where her pajamas are and Kasey says: “mama told you where they were and you shushed her!” I about died laughing!

It seems like she’s full of pearls of wisdom lately… or at least comedy.

The other day I was frustrated and the hubby asked me if I was mad about something. I said no (because I wasn’t) and went out to the car. Kasey asked him ” Is mama mad at me?” He assured her I was not… and she said ” I think she’s mad at you daddy. We should go ask her why she’s mad!”

I don’t know why my husband assumes I’m mad when I really am not (its called being grumpy from lack of sleep..) but he does at times. Anyways… this is just a fly by post. I need to remember to post more about the funny stuff she says because she’s been saying a lot of cute stuff lately! Of course, right now all 4 of us are sick so not much laughing going on!