Peppermint Oil Review

This week I also reviewed a second product from GoPure- their peppermint oil which can be found here. I will be the first to admit that while I believe that essential oils can be super helpful when used properly- I do not use them often. Prior to this- the only ones in my house were tea tree oil and lavender oil. I've used the tea tree oil in the past in my hair products and the lavender I use very carefully with epsom salts when I need to destress.

While I do not like the taste of peppermint- I do like the smell in beauty products. My main usage of the peppermint oil will be for beauty/bath products. It can be put in your shampoo and conditioner to make your scalp feel amazing. It may also encourage hair growth. I've also heard that its good for lice prevention and dandruff although I'm not sure about such claims since I don't have experience with either of those things. It also can be used to make a muscle rub (just google homemade muscle rub and numerous recipes will show up.)

I have also heard of using it in early pregnancy to stave off nausea. I'll be honest- I'll probably be holding on to half this bottle just for a future pregnancy so I can test this out. I always get morning sickness the first trimester and with this peppermint oil in the house- I'll get to test it when we do conceive again.

Overall, I am pleased with this product. The smell is what I would expect, it comes with a dropper so its easy to dispense the correct amount. It is a very generously sized bottle and seems sturdy enough (which is important because I don't want to spill peppermint oil all over the floor).

I would like to caution that people take care in what they use peppermint oil for. ALL essential oils should be used carefully and with a carrier oil of some kind. There are also some people who should avoid peppermint oil such a children under 30 months. Nobody under the age of 12 should have undiluted peppermint oil applied to their skin. Peppermint should also not be consumer orally as it can cause some scary side effects.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.