Pinterest fail!

Back at Christmastime, Kora got 36 cans of playdough. Within two months- it was all dried up, mixed into strange colors or just embedded throughout the house. The other day I decided to get creative and attempt a pinterest recipe for soft homemade playdough.

I'm sure most of you have seen it if you are on pinterest. 1 part conditioner, 2 parts corn starch and then add food coloring. Well- it kind of worked? It was messy but it did end up kind of like playdough. Here is how it went...

Step 1: Add conditioner to bowl
Mountain View
Step 2: Start adding corn starch slowly
Mountain Vi <br />

Step 3: Finish adding cornstarch and add food coloring
Mountain View
Step 4:Marvel at the pretty pastel color of the play dough and the crazy colors on your hand!
Mountain View

Essentially- it probably works the way its supposed to but I'll be honest- this is not playdough in my mind. It won't work with most playdough toys. It ended up more like what I think gak is like. Now- I probably could have added more cornstarch to fix that. As it was though- the whole mixture felt very weird when squished. You could almost feel all the cornstarch packing together. However, the kids had a blast, my house ended up covered in a white powder from letting them help me mix it up but all three kids liked it.

Basically- the kids thought it was a hit. Mom thinks its a fail.
We will definitely be trying other recipes for homemade playdough in the future.