Purging is hard for me- especially when it comes to things with sentimental value. 

However, with our move that is happening this week- I have found myself letting a lot of things go that I never thought I’d be able to get rid of. Things my mom bought me, clothes from high school etc. Anything that she bought me I was keeping. Most of it is now in a dumpster. 

Why the change of heart? 

Basically, I think I’ve realized that the clothes aren’t the true memories- the true memories are in my heart and mind. Of course, there aren’t that many great memories that I can remember but that is a whole other can of worms! 

Obviously, I’m not saying to purge beautiful family photos or anything like that but I am saying to purge other things- clothes that don’t fit, aren’t in style or etc. 

What are you avoiding purging? What are you holding on to that does not bring you happiness or never gets held or used? Is it something you can let go?