Reflections & Aspirations

I cannot believe how quickly 2013 flew by. It was definitely a interesting year for our family.

New Years last year was spent in the ER after a ambulance ride. Kasey had several surgeries over the course of the year, and several hospital stays.

We got pregnant with our littlest and I got my VBA2C.

My husband celebrated his second year at his job... and found out they are closing his job position so he's having to try to find another job.

I moved my blog around a few times and spent a lot of time thinking about blogging but not blogging as much as I wanted.

We moved across town.. again.

My husband and I learned a lot of things about parenting - thanks to our stubborn Kora. It is amazing how each child teaches you things. I've learned some amazing life lessons from my children.

Kasey was diagnosed with focal seizures in 2013 as well. She also took her first steps using braces and a walker... she also lost the ability to do so due to tethered cord.

We fought for second opinions, and made some hard decisions.

Overall, it was a year that I wouldn't give away for a second.. but at the same time I hope not to repeat.

So now- now we look forward to the future . So far, I think we're already doing better than last year- we're 3 days into a New Year and nobody has been to the doctor yet lol.

I have goals for this coming year. I hesitate to call them Resolutions because I feel like that is just setting myself up for failure. This coming year I want to continue to strengthen my relationship with God. I want to love my children more and yell a little less.

I want to help Kora learn to use the potty.

I want Kaseys self esteem to grow. For such a young girl- she's incredibly hard on herself.

I want to be more patient and more efficient with my time. I want to keep the house nicer for the children but still spend enough time with them.

This year we will start homeschooling Kasey as she will be 6 in the fall. I'm both looking forward to it- and completely nervous.

I know everyone says this at the beginning of a new year but I want to get back in shape and lose some weight so that when we conceive again I'm at a healthier weight.

I want to make some more friends and get the kids out of the house more- we have a zoo membership and once it warms up a bit I plan on using it A LOT. I want to laught a lot more and stress a lot less.

I want to find myself again. I will admit that since having Kasey I have thrown myself into my role as a mother. I have no idea what I enjoy anymore. Sure, I do like to read, I do like to play Guild Wars 2 and RP, I love to write... but beyond that.. I don't know who I am as a person. Whenever I have time to myself- I have no idea what I want to do.

So- those are my goals and aspirations for 2014.