So Much Fun

We had so much fun today! This morning when Kasey got up we informed her that today she would get to meet Abby and Elmo because we were taking her to Sesame Street Live! Our Elmo enthusiast was excited to say the least. There was lots of excited giggling and talk of how pretty Elmo was going to think she was and etc. So around noon we piled into the car even though we did not need to be at the place until 3:30. We had to stop for gas and food and such and it was a two hour drive. Both girls were great on the car ride there! Kora and Kasey both slept on the way there for which I was eternally grateful! We got to park right in front of the building which made us even happier! Its crazy the little things that make your day as a parent!

We get inside and go to stand in line with the other families who got the extra special tickets to meet Abby & Elmo before the show. A nice woman came up to us and asked if we were going to be able to get Kaseys wheelchair down the steps okay since there apparently was not a wheelchair entrance. She said we could go ahead and head downstairs early because it would take us a bit to get down the stairs. This meant we got to be first in line to see Abby & Elmo. I wish I had a recording of Kaseys face when she saw Abby & Elmo walk into the room! “Abby! Elmo! I’m right here! I’m right here!” She was so excited when they sat down so she could come close and say hi! We took a couple pictures of them together and off we went to sit and wait until the show started! I went and snagged souvenirs (t-shirt, program & cd) to kill some time. Kasey made some friends with children seated nearby. When the show started- Kasey was mesmerized! She actually got into clapping when she was supposed to and everything! She loved that the characters came off the stage and several of them (Baby Bear, Rosita & Bert) came over and danced with her and gave her high fives and pats on the head! I will admit that I was as tickled as she was- I love to live vicariously through her. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that growing up I never got to experience this kind of stuff- so seeing her get to experience things like Sesame Street Live make me ecstatic!

I think Kasey is the perfect age now for this kind of thing. There were a lot of younger kids there that by the intermission were starting to lose interest or were looking tired. Kasey was just so happy that she didn’t want it to end- although when the whole show was over she looked at me and said “Mommy, I wanna go home and sleep!” Smart kid, right? The whole way home all she talked about was when she might see Abby & Elmo again and how pretty Abby was and how much fun she had! I told Eric that she’s ran out of tv characters to see already! She’s met Minnie & Mickey, the Disney Princesses AND now the Sesame Street gang. Who is next? Anyone have any ideas?