Spiritual Growth in 2014

I know it is already April- so it is kind of late to post something like this but since I did not get into it back in January- I thought I'd post it now.

Last year, my big goal was to read the whole Bible in a year. I did it- and I tinkered with doing it again this year but I'll be honest- I really struggled getting through certain chunks of the Bible.

So this year- I decided to do some different studies for personal/spiritual growth.

The first such study I am doing is on Gideon. A lovely lady (the daughter in law to the pastor at our old church) on my Facebook kept posting these things from a study she was doing. So I decided to check it out. I am on Week 3 Day 3(its 6 weeks long) and it is amazing! It's definitely bringing some things to my attention that I never realized before. Here is where I got my copy. There are also videos to go along with the book- I spent the money and got them from Lifeway's website. I just downloaded them rather than getting hard copies of the cd's.

At first I was kind of schocked at the price of the video sessions (the book was 18.00 but the videos in total ran me around $30.00) but they are totally worth it. My sister in law and I both have this study and once a week we get together and watch the videos- which are each an hour long. Although this is a 6 week study- there are 7 videos. I'm guessing the last one will be a recap to be completed after we finish the book.

This is DEFINITELY a study I recommend to all women!!!

The study I just started today is by the Unveiled Wife. The book is called Wife After God-Drawing Closer to God and Your Husband. As usual- I purchased through Amazon because its nice to have free shipping and such.

I can't give a lot of feedback on this study because I'm only one day in. What IS nice is that there is a group study going on this month with the author of the book on Facebook. So it's a great way to have fellowship and discussion with other women about this book!

In addition to these two books- I plan on doing other studies this year. While I'm not spending as much time solely reading God's word- these studies do involve Bible reading and they bring up a lot of things that make me appreciate some scriptures more than I did before. I will admit- when I read through the Bible last year there were parts that were really hard for me to trudge through.

I thought I would include some other studies I plan on looking closer at this year:

Anything by Priscilla Shirer the author of the Gideon study I am doing - especially her study on Jonah
Beth Moore's Study on Esther
Her study of Daniel also looks interesting to me

I will update more as I do new studies or find more I wish to do! If anyone has any suggestions let me know!