Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Cups

The bane of my existence as a parent is sippy cups and kids cups. I can never find exactly what I want when it comes to either.

Plastic cups don't last long and make me uncomfortable about possible chemicals. They are hard to sterilize and break easily.

Sippy cups leak as much as just giving the kids regular cups.. and get nasty quickly as well.

We wanted something that they could use at the table that looked nice and was easily to sterilize.

So I decided to try something new- stainless steel cups.

 photo IMG_6728_zpsw1dinwcn.jpg

These are eco-friendly, stainless steel, stackable, dishwasher safe and hold approximately 16 oz.

The kids are loving them. They could be used for adults as well but we typically use glass mason jars - so the kids get these! We'll definitely be adding to our collection of these in the near future!

You can find them here:

I did receive these at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review