Surgery # 8 completed!

We have made it to the other side! 

Surgery went more quickly than expected. Apparently the catheter going into the shunt had came loose at some point in this past year. So it was just a matter of the surgeon putting a new one in and closing things up! 

Recovery was a bit rough- mainly because I forgot that after her last surgery we had to discontinue certain meds because they kept her from sweating out the anesthesia. Once we figured that out things got a lot better! 

We just got home a bit ago and it feels so nice to have everyone under the same roof again! Kasey is chilling on the couch watching My Little Pony and looking exhausted (pretty normal after brain/shunt surgery!) However, she’s down to just taking Tylenol and is handling it pretty well. 

We made it through and learned some new things along the way.