Surgery & Recovery

Once again- I have not blogged in awhile. 

This seems to happen a lot but in my defense- we have had a lot going on here! 

Three months ago, Kasey had several surgeries done at once by her urologist in order to help improve quality of life for her. She recovered great and we were just getting past her emotional problems stemming from it (she abhors needles and was still readjusting to her sleep schedule). However, we recently (in the past 2 months) have had 2 hospital stays due to nasty infections. 

We discovered two weeks ago that these were due to a fistula somewhere in her small bowel. A week after that we went back into the hospital for surgery. 

One thing that sucks is that any surgery that is going in and re-doing something from a original surgery is harder. There is scar tissue and they have to do a lot more rooting around. The biggest problem for the surgeon was that he was not the guy who originally did the procedure so he had to look around, find the problem, fix it, and then make sure he didn’t mess up anything that had been done last time, etc.  They also were going to do a de-flux procedure due to the fact that last time Kasey had been in the hospital- we discovered she had kidney reflux as a result of her previous surgery. 

The surgery took about 4 hours and the problem was a simple one- they had accidentally stapled the small bowel to her mitrofanoff stoma internally and so it had created a small hole. 

Recovery has been the hardest part. The incision ended up a drop longer than her previous one and she can actually feel pain in part of it. For once we had to come home on something stronger than Tylenol ! One week after surgery and her incision for the most part looks okay, she’s finally able to sit up for more than a few minutes without being miserable and is starting to look more human! Her color is back to normal- they had to do a transfusion in the hospital and for a bit she was A LOT redder than I was used to. 

We are praying that she feels completely back to normal by the holidays and that for a few months we have no surgeries or big procedures to think about! We are all hoping that 2013 is a lot kinder to us!