This was supposed to be finished and posted on Day 2 of this month... and now its the 9th. I admit that I had it typed up multiple times, got annoyed with it and deleted it. I don't want to come across as whiney, or ungrateful, or any other number of negative words.

I wanted to "talk" about something that gets said to me a lot- that I never know how to approach without sounding negative.

"I hope that this is her last surgery."

I hear it from nurses, from well meaning people in waiting rooms, etc. 8 years and I still don't know how to answer it appropriately. Usually I just smile, thank them for it and move on.

But the truth is, as much as I hope the same thing- I know its not realistic. I feel as if to some- that would make me seem pessimistic.

Spina Bifida affects so many things- which is why Kasey has so many specialists. So far, she has had thirteen surgeries with number fourteen already scheduled for 2017. 2 were dental procedures, 2 were shunt related, 3 were spine related and the others? All bladder and bowel related.

Some have been life or death type surgeries while others have been quality of life surgeries. Both are of importance to her life and wellbeing. Obviously life or death ones are important because well, LIFE. Quality of life is also important as well though.

Kaseys surgery in 2017 is one that will greatly improve quality of life (more on that in a different post because it will make this one way too long). The surgeries she had that made cathing possible for her? Quality of life. As hard as it is sometimes to make the decisions for or against a procedure- we will always go with what gives her the best quality of life AND Life.

There are kids younger than her who already have dozens of surgeries under their belts so to speak. We've been blessed that she's "only" had thirteen (One was 4 surgical procedures combined into 1 thankfully). However, realistically I know there will always be another on the horizon. It is just something we deal with on a day by day, case by case situation as it happens. I just know I do my best not to think of too far long term because it can be overwhelming super fast.

However, explaining that to someone in a waiting room who is just trying to express a nice sentiment isn't going to happen. Heck, trying to explain it in a blog post is a struggle. So I just continue smiling and thanking them and wishing in my heart it were the case.

Sometimes this life isn't always easy but its so incredibly worth it.