Thankfulness & Packing

I love this time of year. First, there is Halloween which is a chance to dress my girls up and watch them get all excited going trick or treating. To be honest, me and my husband end up eating most of the candy because half of it Kasey doesn’t like and Kora is too young to eat!

Then, there is Thanksgiving. The whole month of November- we spend time reflecting on what we are thankful for. Most of the time- the things I am thankful for all revolve around my beautiful family and friends! 

Then there is December and Christmas! I admit- its the beginning of November and we are already watching Christmas movies on Netflix. I can’t help myself! I LOVE Christmas movies! This morning, we watched Yes, Virginia. Thank goodness for Netflix! 

Right now I am thankful that we will soon be moving into a bigger, better house. We have not been in this house for a full year but it is not a great neighborhood and I don’t feel safe. The house door stays locked all day and night and we don’t really go outside except to go straight to the car. This house has electrical issues and etc. that just don’t make me feel safe either! So- we are moving to a better part of town, in a slightly bigger home with a huge yard! The landlady used to keep it unlocked all the time- even with brand new appliances inside- and has never had anyone go in and steal anything! It is right behind a church and a Goddard school. 

Of course, moving means packing and unpacking. Thankfully, this year we are actually going to relatives for the Thanksgiving week. Normally, we have people come to us because I do not want to leave my father alone for the holidays but this year I told my hubby that for at least Thanksgiving we should go to his family. 

Packing gives me an opportunity to get back into the swing of Flylady and purging things! I plan on packing/unpacking right this time! I want my girls and my husband to be proud of our home and me. 

What are you thankful for? & Does anyone have any awesome packing tips?