The Key to Relaxation

How do you relax?

Do you read a book? Write in a journal? Take a warm bath?

Everyone has some way of chilling out- and when I can't leave the house- I love to take a relaxing bath with Adovia Sea Salt. I used to use epsom salts but now I prefer to use the Adovia Dead Sea Salts- mainly because its a finer grain which means it dissolves faster. There is nothing I hate more than going to sit in the tub after its filled and realizing the bigger grains of epsom salts haven't dissolved. Highly uncomfortable!

I either use these or also add some lavender oil or something else for relaxation. So much better for me and my body than buying the pre-scented epsom salts at the store. Plus- these salts seem to do so much better for my psoriases than others I've tried. They have no added ingredients and they are both soothing and relaxing.

No good pictures for this post because well - nobody wants a picture of me in the tub half asleep!

Check out the kind I use here:

Disclaimer: I initially tried these sea salts by receiving them at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review. I would have tried these anyway even if I hadn't received them in return for a review because they are amazing!