They grow up too fast

Tonight, I went into Kaseys room to do her midnight cathing that we do before I go to bed for the night. She usually stirs a little when I roll her to her side and then asks if she can lay back on her tummy when I’m done. Tonight, she just lay there sleeping as I did it and I got a little teary eyed looking at her. How is it that my little baby has grown into such a big four year old? How has time flown so quickly? 

It was just one of those mommy moments where I realize I need to just enjoy my little ones before they are teenagers and I’m fighting with them over clothes and stuff… and BOYS. Oh, how I dread those days! Kora is about to be 1 and it feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms and she was newly born. 

Although I dread them getting older and older- I do look forward to seeing them grow into young women and finding their own passions and interests. 

This mommy thing is definitely full of conflicting emotions!