Time4Learning Review

This past month I got to try out Time4Learning with Kasey to see how we both felt about it. 

I started out with Kasey trying out the Pre-K levels. I think they would have been great for a younger child. However, at 4.5 years old- Kasey knew most of the stuff. So, I switched up to the Kindergarten levels. The language arts/phonics stuff was spot on for where she’s at. The math was simpler stuff (at least as far as we got with it- it was). However, I was not impressed with the science. 

For us, the science just started out a bit complicated. I think it seemed that way because it expected Kasey to know how to read certain words and didn’t explain as much verbally to her. Otherwise, I think she would have really liked that section. I do like that they include the science as part of the curriculum type deal. 

I believe this is a program that homeschooling mothers definitely should try out- especially if they have children who know a bit more about phonics and reading. I do like that you can switch what level they are at relatively easily. 

Time4Learning is reasonably priced-especially if you are planning on using it as the main core of your curriculum. I do not think it is something I would do otherwise as there are so many other options out there for free. They do have curriculum for grades PreK-8th and they do have a user friendly interface. Kasey was able to do most of the transitioning from activity to activity on her own with ease on my Chromebook. 

Overall- it is a good program- just not for us. 

Disclosure: This review was not written by Time4Learning- I was compensated with a free month of Time4Learning so that I could review the site and give an honest review. Thank you for reading!