TouchMath PreK Curriculum Review

This review is way overdue! We have been so thrilled with TouchMath for Kasey so when I got to try out their pre-k curriculum I was ecstatic. After all, its no secret after previous reviews that I'm a fan.

Their Pre-K Homeschool Curriculum includes 6 module guides, 90 student activity sheets, an implementation guide, real world connections, answer keys, progress monitoring and teaches vocabulary.

It covers:
      Counting and Number Sense
      Comparing and Classifying
      Sorting, Classifying, Graphing, and Patterning
      Identifying, Sorting, and Classifying 2-D Shapes
      Identifying, Sorting, and Classifying 3-D Shapes and Coins
      Representing Quantities and Shapes

We used it alongside some of their manipulatives (because I LOVE manipulatives for teaching concepts to my kids). We used their 3D numerals, their Touchshapes, and a box of crayons (not purchased from them)!

I love that it is easy for me to just pull out the binders we have the curriculum in (one with the workpages for her, one for the teaching pages for me), sit down and go. She loves using the TouchMath Shapes. She uses them for practice outside of the workbook pages as well. She sorts by color, shape, etc. when I am busy working with Kasey on her TouchMath work.

A snapshot of one of the lessons:
 photo IMG_3653_zpskazt4q84.jpg

In that particular picture she was working on patterns while also counting out the correct number. IE. in the first line there are 2 shaded squares- so she had to get 2 TouchShape Squares and cover two of the other squares in that line. We redid the page several times in different ways- the way the teaching manual said to- and then working on patterns with colors.

 photo IMG_4622_zpsgimlsfux.jpg

Another thing I love is that she also gets to work on some fine motor skills with using scissors and glue. I love any activities that incorporate several skills in one. She greatly enjoyed this lesson- she cut out the shapes, colored in the shapes and then glued them down.

 photo IMG_4623_zps60fnnxze.jpg

This kid loves anything that involves glue! I didn't realize how much she loved glue until sitting down with her and doing these lessons with sorting/classifying.

We plan on purchasing the Kindergarten curriculum next because she has enjoyed the PreK so much! We highly recommend the TouchMath PreK math curriculum to anyone who wants something that is laid out well. I love that it doesn't take much planning. I know some people prefer not using a curriculum for anything in VPK but I prefer using something already laid out so that I don't have to worry about missing an essential topic!

You can find the PreK Curriculum here.