Trying New Things Today

Lately, I’ve been trying new things that are more natural around the house. This includes baking up some new treats! 

I ordered soap nuts the other day and today I will find out how much I like them. As I type this- my first load of laundry being washed with soap nuts is doing its thing. After it’s done it will get hung up on my clothesline (that I love more than I thought possible lol). Soap nuts are a more natural alternative to regular washing machine soap. They are actually berries and pretty cool looking! 

Today, Kasey and I made homemade graham crackers. The girls love graham crackers but recently I’ve grown frustrated because most brands of graham crackers contain high fructose corn syrup which is something I decided to cut out of our diets (although I give in occasionally to something containing it). The only brands that don’t contain it are of course- the more expensive ones. So I decided to make some. I even made them without a topping and the girls LOVE them! Recipe here.

I also have decided to make a big change. I have switched from regular organic coffee to decaffeinated herbal coffee. I heard about it months ago but resisted the change. After all- regular coffee wasn’t THAT bad to occasionally have. However, I sampled some Teeccino coffee recently and it was amazing! So- I took the plunge. Initially I had planned to just buy one bag locally to see if I liked that flavor and then order it on Amazon. However, one bag at the local health store was 10.00. I can get three bags of organic herbal coffee for 16.00 on Amazon. So- I took the plunge. 

This morning was my first morning trying it. Kasey had some too (no caffeine, no icky things in it= safe for kids). We both love it! I used some regular creamer this time since I still have some to use up but after it is all I plan on switching to using vanilla coconut milk and organic half and half in my coffee. I also bought some Coconut Sugar (which I had no idea existed until I accidentally stumbled upon it in Earth Fare) which is also amazing! I have been trying to stay away from regular sugars since sugar isn’t great for anyone. Overall- I don’t think I will miss regular coffee at all! 

If anyone wants to look more into herbal coffee check out 

Oh and today I am at the 17 week point of pregnancy. Time is flying by! In less than a week we have our gender ultrasound-although I’m not sure how quickly we will be announcing the gender. I’m still not sure if I want to wait a bit or not. These days there is so much about pregnancy that isn’t a huge surprise or that we keep to ourselves- that I want something that we get to enjoy for a bit by ourselves.