Update on Life in Northern Florida

November 28th we made a big move from southern to northern Florida. We moved to Jacksonville, Florida. A place I never expected that we would move because well- our main reason for leaving Tennessee to start with was to be near family and such.

So far- its been a move that we are very glad we made. Eric loves his new job and it has a lot of opportunity for career growth. His hours are amazing- he gets home by 3 every day so we have the afternoon and evening together with the kids.

Speaking of the kids- they're doing decent.

Kasey is now 6.5 years old- as in she's closer to her 7th birthday than her 6th birthday. Her biggest issues these days are bowel related and seizure related. We're in the midst of getting her records transferred from her old neuro to her new one. We have had to up her 2nd seizure med again so she is now on the highest recommended dose of Trileptal and now is on a decently high dose of Keppra. This means she's had some mental changes when it comes to her abilities. She's also all over the place mood wise. There is a reason they call it "Keppratude". She's slowly adjusting to it though and I'm hoping that when we get to the new neurologist we can try a different med with less attitude issues. She's sleeping better than she was a few months ago and she's transitioned back into her room- for awhile she was sleeping in our room because she was freaking out at the thought of sleeping by herself.

Homeschool wise- things are going okay. We've had to change up what we're doing for math a bit and phonics. Basically, everything is going way different than we originally planned. We're using Khan Academy to work on some concepts and some random simple workbooks. We're using Explode the code for phonics and are finishing up the last primer now. We're doing lots of review to make sure she's confident before we move on.

Kora is doing way better emotionally than even 6 months ago. The move has been very positive for her- she's way more verbal now than she was even 2 months ago and her favorite thing is playing dolls with her sister. Both girls are OBSESSED with Ever After High dolls and want to get some Monster High dolls next. Christmas of 2015 will most likely contain a bit of both since that's all they play with anymore.

Renly is trying to grow up so quickly. He wants to keep up with his sisters and can usually be found getting into shenanigans with Kora. They are always into mischief. Twice this week they managed to dump a box of cereal on the carpet when I dared to be preoccupied with other things that needed done around the house. Nice part is they voluntarily helped clean it up and anything I missed they shoved in their mouths (by the time you have 3 kids you don't freak out so much about fresh dry cereal being eaten off of clean carpet).

Hopefully I don't jinx myself but basically- we've adapted to life as a family of 5 finally. In the beginning I expected too much of myself and therefore was always stressed out and feeling like I was not handling life with 3 kids well but now- I feel like things are going way better.

Besides taking care of the kids- I've been focusing on losing weight and decluttering. Since January 1st I've lost 20 pounds. I've also read my devotions every day and bullet journaled every day (a post on that will be coming soon). I'm hoping that I will start blogging more soon now that I want to do more reviews and updates and stuff in general. Writing is my favorite outlet and I've neglected my passions in the past few years.