I haven't sat down and blogged in two months- and to be honest, the only reason I have time at the moment is because its after midnight and I'm the only one awake. So- time for an update.

Homeschooling is going well. We've definitely adjusted some of our goals and expectations. Kaseys favorite day of the week is Tuesday because she has co-op. She's made some sweet little friends that we've been enjoying play dates with. Her favorite class alternates between art and botany. She doesn't quite understand all the botany stuff we've been talking about in the book (we do the reading at home, she does the fun stuff in class) but she enjoys it. We're going ever so slowly with phonics and reviewing constantly with math.

The kids all had birthdays which means I now have a 6 year old, 3 year old and a 1 year old. It feels like it is all flying by just way too fast for this mama. Kasey becomes more and more of "big kid" every day. Kora is in the tough throes of being a threenager and Renly... well he and Kora get into their fair share of shenanigans.

I've been working on purging things (more on the reasons for that in a minute), organizing things and just basically still figuring out this whole "mom of 3" thing. Even though some days I pray for bedtime- I have the best kids in the world<3

We have recently made a big decision- we will be moving back to Tennessee. There are a multitude of reasons- the two biggest being that I want to be closer to my dad again and that the health insurance options and doctors are better there. Moving to Florida in the midst of healthcare/health insurance restructuring has wreaked havoc on everything. Getting into a dentist is impossible. The only two drawbacks to moving back is Kaseys physical therapist and orthotist are AMAZING!

Kasey is doing some major stuff in physical therapy right now- sit ups, push ups (modified b/c she can't do them the typical way so she does them.. just not like typical ones), etc. Basically anything that can stretch her muscles and build more muscle.

We've got a new diagnosis we have to make an appointment about (beginnings of scoliosis) and another diagnosis we are trying to officially get (non-verbal learning disorder)- and I'm trying to figure out how much of it I want to do before we move and how much I want to wait and figure out with our TN doctors.

Things are in a constant state of change these days. We have a lot of details to figure out and things to nail down. I need to be doing more blogging in the evenings- it destresses me better than anything else- I just always have a mile long list of things I should be doing instead.