Where We've Been

I think its pretty obvious that for the past so many months I've been a bit distracted from my blogging- which has made me sad because writing is one way for me to get stress out.

However, things have been kind of crazy these past few months. We spent quite awhile this past summer trying to figure out the root of some health issues Kasey was having. Getting to the root of the problem required a lot of frustration, tears and a few second opinions. In the end, we had to make a decision and hope it paid off. Kasey had her 2nd Tethered Cord Release (her first one was right after Kora was born) on the 3rd of September. Just when she was starting to recover from that.. we discovered there was a hole inside of her MACE stoma. That was thankfully a outpatient surgery.

Then, when she was recovering from that, I had Renly. I got the VBA2C I wanted (Which I will be blogging about in the near future) and then the night we came home from the hospital- Kasey got sick. Thankfully, we kept her fever under control till her urologist was on call again and he called in two strong antibiotics and we prayed they would fix things. Thankfully they healed things up before we had to worry about extra tests and such (we were concerned about an abcess).

This past week we moved back into a house we used to rent. Now we're working on unpacking- which by the way takes a lot longer when you have a 5 year old, 2 year old, and a newborn!

So basically, a lot has gone on that has kept me from blogging but now hopefully I'll start getting to blog more- whenever little Renly lets me sneak away from his cute snuggles for a few minutes and his sister isn't trying to wake him up! Kora loves to wake up her little bubba right after mama gets him to sleep!